Freeze-dried Image


Freeze-dried produce:

Yellow dragon fruit (pitahaya)
Physalis (Goldenberry)

Individual packing: 12 g
Industrial packing: 5 kg
S.C.I Inversiones Martinez

SCI Inversiones Martinez Perez LTDA

Colombian Exporter of:
Fresh exotic fruits: dragon fruit, passion fruit purple and yellow, cape gooseberry (physalis), sugar mango, cactus fig, soursop, tamarillo, feijoa, gulupa, avocado and mangosteen
Leophilized fruit: yellow dragon fruit, cape gooseberry, mango, pineapple, strawberry and banana.
Fresh flowers: Roses, carnations, alstroemeria and bouquet)
Aromatics: mint, rosemary, estragon, oregano, thyme and bay leaf