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Coffee Fruits Import Export S.A.S

Coffee Fruits Import & Export S.A.S,is a Colombian import/Export company based in Colombia. Our company is involved in sourcing out premium fruits directly from the growers, producers to North America, Europe and Asia.Our company import/export Fresh Produce items including Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and dry fruits from Colombia which owning a great wealth in soils, microclimates and specially from a farmer who knows his land, can offer a great variety for fruits to global markets at very competitive and reasonable prices throughout the year. Coffee Fruits Import & Export S.A.S, an authorized, approved, official supplier and registered with Department of Agriculture and associated government agencies in Colombia and has been highly recognized by variety, availability and quality of fresh/frozen and dried fruits.We compete with quality and price, we have flexibility to meet different customer requirements. Do not hesitate to contact u.s.