Frozen pineapple pulp Image
Frozen pineapple pulp Image
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Frozen pineapple pulp

Doughy product, not diluted, nor fermented, obtained by mechanical extraction
of the edible part of fresh, healthy and ripe fruits, without the addition of
preservatives, colors, flavors or other artificial additives, packaging and
stored at freezing temperature.
Technique sheet

Fruttec sas

The company Fruttec S.A.S is located in the free zone of the city of Cúcuta. We are dedicated to the processing of Colombian tropical fruits, especially lulo, mango, blackberry, strawberry, soursop, pineapple, passion fruit, curuba and guava, to obtain 100% natural fruit pulp, without the addition of water, or colorants, preservatives, flavorings nor any other type of additive. We have an installed capacity for the processing of 1 Ton / hour of fruit. Attached is our INVIMA registry in which all the varieties of pulp that we handle are observed.