Hass Avocado - Persea Americana (Mill) Image
Hass Avocado - Persea Americana (Mill) Image
Hass Avocado - Persea Americana (Mill) Image
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Hass Avocado - Persea Americana (Mill)

Its scientific name is Persea americana (Mill), this fruit is green. When it ripens and is suitable for consumption it turns from purple to intense brown color. Its skin is thick and rough, which facilitates the useful life when its exported.
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King Fruits

King Fruits was fouded in 2018 by entrepreneurs from Valle del Cauca Region with vision in agricultural sector and with more than 5 years of experience in Hass avocado cultivation in Colombia. The company has human capital with great experience and a modern plant located in the municipality of Yumbo (Valle del Cauca), which guarantees meeting high quality standards.

The company has the following certifications: APHIS, Global G.A.P. and ICA.

King Fruits mission is to be a strategic ally of Colombian growers, so that through King Fruits, They can reach international markets. To be leaders in supplying Hass avocado, Tahiti lemon, mango, gulupa, among others for the world. And, promote good agricultural practices that contribute to environment protection.