Pork burger meat Image
Pork burger meat Image
Pork burger meat Image
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Pork burger meat

Frigotún SAS manages a production line for precooked pork hamburger meats, reduced in sodium and 100% natural. Its presentations comes in 240 gr and 300 gr with a shelf life of 1 year while keeping them frozen at (-18 ° C)

Frigotún SAS

We are a national and international meat processing plant, classified as one of the most important companies in the country's meat sector. We have more than 34 years of experience providing the services of bovine, buffalo and pig slaughter, storage, stripping, vacuum packaging, shrinking, thermoforming, carcass distribution and edible meat products, based on quality, health, improvement policies and continuous improvement in social and environmental responsibility, which has allowed us to consolidate as a leading and sustainable company in the market. Today, the Otún FRIGOTÚN SAS slaughterhouse, is one of the first nationwide abattoirs to obtain HACCP and HALAL CERTIFICATIONS, complying with the highest sanitary standards stipulated under Decree 1500 of 2007 in all our registered production lines under INVIMA´s regulations, complying with all legal and environmental requirements. https://frigotun.com/