Organic juice drink - Guava-Orange-Panela Image

Organic juice drink - Guava-Orange-Panela

This D’cada is as fresh as the wind in the glaciers of the Andes. The guava as well as the orange are well known for being natural resources of vitamin C. The juicy pulp of the guava is harvested more than 2000 meters above the ocean in central Colombia. Joined by the Orange and the healthy and our rich alternative sugar, the panela raw sugar cane, arises an unmistakable flavour.
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In Dcada we offer exotic organic refreshment. Our drinks are refreshing, non-carbonated and delicious with a well balanced and natural taste. Currently we offer 3 tropical flavors made of regional organic fruits. All 3 flavors are slightly sweetened with the traditional and healthy organic panela (raw sugar cane).