Organic juice drink - Mango-Passionfruit-Panela Image

Organic juice drink - Mango-Passionfruit-Panela

Exotic and raw like the Amazon river, that is the flavour of our latest D’cada. The Lulo (Solanum quitoense), also known as Naranjilla, is a rare fruit from the nightshade family. Its unique taste reminds of apple, kiwi and even olives. The sweet aroma and characteristic color is brought to you by the added panela. This south American superfood is a raw sugar cane juice, which results of a gentle treatment of the sugar cane.
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In Dcada we offer exotic organic refreshment. Our drinks are refreshing, non-carbonated and delicious with a well balanced and natural taste. Currently we offer 3 tropical flavors made of regional organic fruits. All 3 flavors are slightly sweetened with the traditional and healthy organic panela (raw sugar cane).