Welsh Onion Image
 Welsh Onion Image
 Welsh Onion Image
 Welsh Onion Image

Welsh Onion

Welsh dried onion in powder and flakes in a 100% natural way, thus preserving its nutritional and organoleptic properties. Planted in Tenerife-Cerrito Colombia, with a creamy white hue.
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Servicios Deshidratados Zagos SAS

We inherited the love for the land and the crops.
Five years being the best company at naturally and highest quality dehydration processes.
Our products are 100% natural. We have the required equipment that allows us to oversee and keep track from sowing to the final product, so we can dehydrate massive amounts with the highest quality standars at an industrial level.
Our story:
More than 3 years of experience on dehydration.
After more than 30 years inheriting the work of land and crops from generation to generation, in 2016 we wanted to take a step towards the future and expansion, thinking about the dehydration process. We began, as a family, to search, test and work until we became what we are today: a company with a wide capacity to dehydrate products naturally with high quality.
We are located in Parque Industrial Palmaseca Warehouse 1C Block A - Valle del Cauca, Colombia.