Panela is unprocessed and unrefined sugar cane extract perfect for making beverages, baking and sprinkling. It’s distinctive taste, pleasing texture and natural golden color makes it special. The way “panela” is produced allows it to retain all the natural benefits of sugar cane, such as calcium, vitamin A and 6, iron and others.
We have different presentations like rounded blocks, squared blocks or pulverized. Also weights depend on each presentation. We can offer the product in sacs of 25 kilograms.
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Productos Agroindustriales SAS

Productos Agroindustriales SAS is a family business dedicated to the production of sugar cane extract, a product which is locally known as “PANELA”. The factory is located in La Tebaida, a small town in Colombia in the “Coffee Region”. The company owns the sugar cane plantations, which allows to control every aspect of production. Established in 1929.