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Cheese Sticks

Cheese fingers, covered with wheat dough and filled with low salt cheese.

Ventura Foods S.A.

Production and sale of frozen food. We take the best of colombian farms and elaborate exquisit snacks ready to fry or bake.

Six production lines:

1. Cheese sticks: covered with wheat dough.
2. Kibbeh: originally an arabic nourishment, covered in wheat layer, filled with ground beef and onions.
3. Carimañolas: cassava covered, filled with cheese or ground beef.
4. Empanadas: pattys filled with cheese or pineapple.
5. Falafel: veggie croquette made up of chickpeas, beans, sesame, onions, peppers, coriander, and chives.
6. Refrigerated hummus: creamy dip made with chickpeas and sesame paste.

FARAH brand acknowledged for its top quality.

Distribution focused on retail and foodservice markets.

Our purpose is to enjoy the path of life through the commitment, coherence and consistency of the people we are, the people we serve, and the products we make.