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Energy chews Image
Energy chews Image
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Energy chews

Our gelatin-free energy chews provide a turbo-boost of fuel to sustain training or activity lasting more than 2 hours. Meant to complement the hydration mixes. Each pack provides 25 g of carbohydrates for lasting energy release and 50 mg of sodium for enhancing liquid absorption. Made with natural ingredients and gluten-free.

Valtik Foods / TITANIUM Sports Nutrition

In Valtik Foods we make endurance energy food products for high performance and amateur athletes under the brand TITANIUN, where athletic performance meets delicious taste. All our products are made with natural ingredients, most of them sourced from Colombia, they're also gluten-free and light to the stomach. We have a portfolio of products that include: hydration mixes, energy chews, energy bars with protein and RTD protein shakes.