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Frucap Image
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Powdered mix to prepare a 100% natural orange-based drink.

It contains the inherent properties of the fruit and content of Iron and Zinc that are essential for the cognitive development of growing children.

Free of additives, artificial colors or preservatives, Frucap stands out as an economical and versatile alternative for the various nutrition plans or programs of any country, since it not only allows the optimization of resources in terms of food production, useful life and its cost / benefit, but also reduces expenses and times in the various stages of the supply process such as cold chains, storage, transportation and distribution.


Alsec is a Colombian company that develops and produces microencapsulated powder ingredients. We have been working for 14 years in the development of ingredients that can add functional and nutritional properties to any application in the food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

We work together with our Colombian communities to teach them how to create sustainable businesses that will facilitate their changing from illicit crops and deforestation to a promising life and commitment with our forests by buying from them our raw material, but also by working hand by hand with entities like WWF to make sure we give meaning to people's lives with training and teaching them how to produce sustainable fruits and vegetables.