3070 Folding pantry roll-out Image
3070 Folding pantry roll-out Image
3070 Folding pantry roll-out Image
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3070 Folding pantry roll-out

Rejiplas folding pantry roll-out for cabinet of 17,7 in. It's an accesorie ideal to storage food or coockware The kitchen will look clean, organized and modern.

Cabinet: 17,7 in
Minimum free front: 15,3 in

Baskets Measurements:
Big Baskets (Inside)
Front: 14,8 in
Depth: 12 in
Height: 3,3 in

Small baskets (Door)
Front: 12,5 in
Depth: 6,4 in
Heigth: 3,,3 in

Includes: 1 Metal structure, 10 baskets, slides and screws.
*Wooden cabinet not included

Finishes: White Plastic coated , Silver Plastic coated, Chrome

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