6307 4 Level basket Image
6307 4 Level basket Image
6307 4 Level basket Image

6307 4 Level basket

Maximize the spaces whit the Rejiplas 4 Level basket. Condiments, soaps and other elements can be kept organized and visible on it. A practical, multifunctional and adaptable basket.

Front: 16,9
Depth: 5,9 in
Height: 29,9 in

Finishes: Whithe Plastic coated, Silver Plastic coated, Black Plastic coated, Fuchsia Plastic coated, Turquoise Plastic coated, Chrome

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Rejiplas S.A.S.

At Rejiplas we manufacture and commercialize organizers and space solutions for the home.
Our plastic-coated products are moisture-resistant, ventilated easy to clean, smooth texture, modern appearance, and nontoxic. Rejiplas modular system is ready to install and enjoy.
Our products are flexible to your needs since their design is easily adaptable in size and place. Additionally, they are movable as you may desire.