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Acoustic Amplifier for Cell Phones AmpM03

The acoustic amplifier for cell phone is a handmade product from sustainable woods, it consists of a sound amplification holes that allows the use of the cell phone in a horizontal position. This model is compatible with IPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi.
Contribution to sustainability: For each of these products, 10% of the profit is provided for the Agua de Vida program for La Guajira and 10% for the planting of native trees for the reforestation of natural reserve areas.


Company dedicated to design and produce items in sustainable wood and recycled tires, our products are ecological and contribute to the conservation of endangered species in Colombia and also provide drinking water to reduce water scarcity in the indigenous Wayúu in La Guajira. All our products are handmade, the acoustic amplifiers for the cell phone allow their functionality during charging and allow the use in video calls.