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Curtains and blinds

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1. Curtain Elegance: Standard measure Roller shade ready to install, made up of solid and translucid stripes that overlap, letting you control light and privacy in different spaces of your home as bedrooms and social areas.
2. Curtain Roller Blackout: Standard measure Roller shade ready to install, that provides privacy, harmony, and wellness to unique environments; ideal to be rolled down when having a nap or desire a restful sleep.
3. Curtain Roller Solar Screen: Standard measure Roller shade ready to install, made with solar screen fabric which blocks harmful UV rays, safeguarding furniture and floors; offering thermal control. Perfect for social areas or where direct sunlight enters


We are Cortineros Lider S.AS, a Colombian company located in the city of Medellin with 35 years developing innovation, creativity and leadership in the art of window covering and sun protection. The evolution of trends, fashion and market demands; have led us to develop products that meet the needs for comfort, privacy level and light control in any type of space or place. Today, in addition to offering Drapery Curtain Sets in different materials, colors and dimensions; we also have in our Portfolio Curtains / Blinds in standard measures ready to install DIY. (Do It Yourself).