Vase decorative and functional made in cardboard with oval form, this piece is made in double face cardboard, Is sealed and waterproofed 40% for interiors. Front finishes with wood-type ash Formica, ideal for your home, water can be introduced into the solitaire without having to remove the glassware from the structure, to wash the glass container it must be removed from the solitaire,

Height 42 cm Width 29 cm x Depth 15 cm, includes glass container 40 cm high x 5 cm in diameter.
Technique sheet
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CARTONMADE is a pioneer company in the product design and manufacture of innovative products and sculptures assembled by hand and made from recycled cardboard to contribute to the care of the environment from the advantages of this material through commercialization in markets B2C in physical stores and B2B with sustainable and personalized corporate gifts for large companies, we are also exporters in LATAM to Chile and Ecuador with authorized distributors. https://www.cartonmade.com