Vueltiaá Stool Image
Vueltiaá Stool Image

Vueltiaá Stool

The Vueltiaá Stool by L'Atelier Bogotá is an allegory in honour of the traditional vueltiao hat wore in the plains of the Colombian Caribbean region. A high stool, perfect for a bar counter in a pub, coffee shop, or restaurant, that will add an ultra-contemporary and ethnic touch. This mix gives a unique value to this product that will not go unnoticed and which, because of its sobriety and elegance, will look good anywhere.
  • Furniture, Household, Office and Hotel Supplies
  • Wood (furniture and wood)


L'Atelier Bogotá is a company that designs, produces and solves projects and furniture elements, created on the basis of bringing together: the creative work of designers, the training in problem solving and process development of engineers, with the traditional knowledge and expertise of master craftsmen. Founded on the site of an old 19th century woodworking factory. Since 2011, our dedication, commitment, our personalized attention to each client and each project, our unique way of designing and producing, and our guarantee of quality for all products, have led us to create a number of unique and significant design pieces for residential spaces, and to develop and execute a wide range of more robust and complex projects with: restaurants, hotels, universities, construction companies, and multinationals.