Our history
The company is named after Karl Frederic Gauss, probably the greatest mathematician of all times. His contributions are used today in many areas, from engineering, robotics and medicine to photography and music. Next time that you look at a digital photo, think about Gauss’s genius touch. As a tribute, we believe in creating applications that use the power of math and computers to solve everyday problems in a new, creative way.
Human brain is 90% visual, and it is very strong at recognizing patterns and connecting the dots if information is presented graphically.

GaussSoft‘s products are based on combining and multiplying the strengths of humans and computers through specialized models, visualization and enhanced interactivity.

GaussSoft develops Specialized Analytics products that enable companies of different sizes and fields to control and reduce the cost of enterprise operations, increase profitability, improve organizational productivity and to make better decisions by providing information they wouldn’t get otherwise.
GaussSoft, Inc. is a privately held US corporation founded in 2004, with headquarters in Redwood City, California and presence with offices and partners in North America and Latin America. The development team is located in Bogota, Colombia.