Medellín de cerca

Medellín Up Close

Medellin up Close presents a tour of the city with the ground as a point of view. This is the city that can be seen when you walk outside. There are no aerial photographs in this volume; panoramic images are taken, at most, from the terrace of any building the reader can step in tomorrow if he or she wants to.

As native Medellineans and journalists we have for years snooped into every corner of this city, its epochs, characters and moods. With that in mind we have prepared this material with the commitment to provide an unconventional souvenir-guide. We have decided to convey everydayness, evocations and the spirit of Medellin in these short stories.

As you walk through the city, visit the places we have highlighted, see the guayacán trees, become familiar with the city traditions, taste foods from the local cuisine, then and only then you will be in a position to tell us whether we have achieved our efforts to get you acquainted with the city or not. While that happens, we invite you to enjoy the stories and pictures of the inside pages.
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We are an independent publishing company most focused on printed issues. We also develop digital issues of all kind: information, literature, arts, advertising, etc. Our first release is "Medellín Up Close - Medellín de cerca", an illustrated book written in English and Spanish that we hope to sell to Colombian expats in the U.S. and Spain.