pickguard in pvc Image
 pickguard in pvc Image

pickguard in pvc

Description: PVC pickguard, They are perfect elements for group activities, sporting events, concerts and celebrating with enthusiasm on any occasion. They are made of PVC
Made in High Density
Its Caliber, the number of inks and faces are defined as required by your company
With or without opening for cord
All our products are delivered with instructions for use and warranty.
Technique sheet
  • Graphic and editorial communication
  • Graphic Communication


KUMBA INFLABLES S.A.S. It is a manufacturer and marketer of Advertising material: motorized Dummies (Bows, Bags, Bottles, Walkers, Tents, Jars, Balloons, Spheres, Hurricanes, Balloters, Screens, Fences, Recreational, Replicas, Sky Dancer).
Sealed in PVC (Cylinders, Freesbee, Replicas, Inflatables, Balls, Floats, Mattresses, Knockers, Layers, Replicas of Products, Punching, Dice, Pop Man, Keychains, Pools, Airships, Stands), Flexography (Rolls or Endless Ribbons, Pennants, Borders, Pickguard). Tents (special, folding, and Spider type). Flags (Drop, Square). Bags in Kambrel. Promotions and Souvenirs, Luminous Signs, Racks and Parasols and Vinyls.