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Advertising inserts Image

Advertising inserts

We have printing equipment for long
printing, unique in Colombia, with color control and color control system and automatic registration
control system (QuadTech brand), to guarantee
the highest printing quality in the market.
in the market.
Our printing includes certified inks*. It goes through a heat process using ovens at very high temperatures for automatic drying.
* QuadColor inks, CRT division.
Printing on the largest rotary press in Colombia, the largest rotary printing machine in Colombia.
Inkjet personalization system (Process that allows: Traceability of the distribution strategy; Distribution
distribution strategy; Effectiveness of registers for
audience segmentation; Tracking of return on investment).
We offer Mass distribution, to point of sale and
Courier (MinTic License) to end-user.
  • Graphic and editorial communication
  • Promotional Items

Quad Graphics Colombia SAS

At Quad Colombia, with more than 48 years in the printing industry, we offer a complete network of services and integrated solutions in printing products, pre-press, pre-media, special finishes, international distribution, commercial printing, In-Store products (point-of-sale material), brand visibility and complementary products as part of an integral graphic communication solution.