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In - Store  Products  Image
In - Store  Products  Image

In - Store Products

A creative way to exhibit We understand the importance and relevance of a Point of Sale, and therefore we work together with our clients to generate ideas that allow them to enhance their communication at the POS and maximize the profitability of each space and each medium they use.
We convert ideas into graphic concepts that we apply to 3D modeling, and once approved, we bring them to life through a prototype.
Lamàs are
  • Graphic and editorial communication
  • Promotional Items

Quad Graphics Colombia SAS

At Quad Colombia, with more than 48 years in the printing industry, we offer a complete network of services and integrated solutions in printing products, pre-press, pre-media, special finishes, international distribution, commercial printing, In-Store products (point-of-sale material), brand visibility and complementary products as part of an integral graphic communication solution.