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Kamsa Minga - Mochila

Handbag hand-woven by Colombian indigenous women
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Our “mochilas” and backpacks NAJASH are made with one very special aim: to unite the two indigenous traditions, cultures and arts - WAYUU and EMBERA CHAMÍ - in one piece.
The classic „mochila“ WAYUU is completely handmade by the women of the community. They call their designs „Kanas“, and each „mochila“ is a combination of different Kanas and colours that makes it unique. The shapes and designs of each piece, inspired in their deepest traditions, represent the spiritual myths and beliefs which bestow divine protection on the person who owns and uses it.
The members of our second indigenous culture, the EMBERA CHAMÍ, are responsible for the weaving of the fabric, consisting of pure mostacilla. In charge of this artwork is the leader of each family group, who weaves the fabric on his homemade loom. The designs are inspired by the communication with their God KARAVI , bringing abundance, peace and love to the craftsman and the human being who uses the product.