Natur Suisse® Sulfur Soap 100g

ts innovative and sulfur-rich formula contains a powerful moisturizing and moisturizing action for the skin. It is an excellent choice for daily use by the whole family as it helps keep skin healthy and hydrated thanks to the natural benefits of sulfur and glycerin.
● Its high sulfur content eliminates excess fat and prevents the appearance of blackheads and blackheads.
● Contains high levels of glycerin with a powerful moisturizing action that allows the dermis to retain water and stay hydrated and nourished.
● Ingredients that help improve the appearance of dry or damaged skin.
● Its formula contains 100% vegetable oils.
● Coming from 100% vegetable oils, the performance of the carefully selected fragrance is enhanced to delight the senses.
● Fresh and powerful fragrance.
● For the whole family.
● Cleaning and care in one product.
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  • Health and Beauty
  • Grooming Products
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Hada Group is a company founded in 1956 in Colombia, we are principally focus on the manufacture and commercialization of Hygiene Products such as hand soaps, homecare products and institutional line like hotels Amenities. All of our products are made with 100% vegetable oil. Hada has Factories in Colombia and Mexico.