Elide Baby Natural Diaper Cream – For babies’ delicate skin Image
Elide Baby Natural Diaper Cream – For babies’ delicate skin Image
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Elide Baby Natural Diaper Cream – For babies’ delicate skin

Dermo protective cream for babies’ delicate skin, protects, moisturizes and creates a barrier that helps keep the skin of the little ones hydrated and soft. The formula has been designed to be softer and easier to spread, making changing the diaper easier for mother and baby.

- 100% natural product
- Chemicals or petroleum derivates free
- Paraben and artificial aromas free
- Certified raw materials

Uses and applications
- To relieve irritation and redness caused by prolonged use of the diaper
- To protect the baby’s skin from future redness and irritation, forming a protective layer between the skin and the diaper
- For daily use at home and outside

Madame Bio

MADAME BIO is a company established since 2017, dedicated to 100% natural cosmetics. Our goal is to create products without chemicals, artificial additives or petroleum derivatives.
Our products meet very high quality standards without compromising the properties of natural ingredients at the same time. All of our products have beeswax as a common denominator. Our beeswax is of the highest quality, Colombian, we do the microbiological analysis ourselves. This element has multiple properties for the skin that are supported by different types of clinical studies: it is healing, hyper-moisturizing and heals the skin. Indeed, beeswax is today a world trend in natural cosmetics.
For our part, we are constantly developing new products, always keeping in mind our original concept.