KIT HARPLEX Bionne Image
KIT HARPLEX Bionne Image
KIT HARPLEX Bionne Image
KIT HARPLEX Bionne Image
KIT HARPLEX Bionne Image
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Product of vegetable origin that contains highly concentrated hydrolyzed proteins, allowing the protection of the hair strand in chemical processes such as coloring, bleaching and / or permanent straightening. This protein adheres directly to the mixture applied to the hair, preventing hair damage and loss of capillary health, cementing the hair follicles and providing strength to resist these extreme changes.

You will also be able to repair the hair strand if you have already suffered chemical damage. By simply applying this product before your bathing routine at home or at the salon, you will achieve deep hair repair and help your hair health return, without the need to cut your hair.

It comes in two varieties:
-Flat: for hair that is only colored, without the need to rinse the hair.
-Blondes: for hair that undergoes lightening processes.

Lyzarome Cosmétique

With more than 15 years of experience in hair products, Lyzarome Cosmetique S.A.S. is a Colombian family business dedicated to the research, manufacture and distribution of hair beauty products, being leaders in straightening products and innovating in products for curly hair. We handle two professional brands.