Shampoo Sabiway

Shampoo Sabiway

El Shampoo Sabiway, consiste en un producto enfocado a darle solucion a la calvicie (cualquier tipo de calvicie, incluso la androgenetica o hereditaria a excepción de las calvicies fibrosantes cicatrizales), caída del cabello, dermatitis seborreica, caspa, hongos, entre otras; gracias a un complejo Bio-enzimático extraído de plantas naturales como la sábila y el romero, asociado a múltiples aminoácidos de origen alemán, que al ser aplicados en los folículos pilosos van directamente a la matriz celular de estos.
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Laboratorio Sabiway

To give solution to hair pathologies such as Baldness, Hair loss, Alopecias areatas, dermatitis, dandruff, etc. The Shampoo Sabiway is based on the Detoxification and Biosynthesis of the active capillary DNA.

Sabiway is an exclusive formula, invented by Dr. Fernando Modesto Navarrete, which unlike other formula does not contain side effects, composed of a bioenzymatic complex extracted from natural plants such as Aloe and Rosemary, which when associated with another multiprotein complex and of vitaminized amino acids of German origin, we form molecules such as UDPG (Uridine Diphosphate Glucose) and Desoxirribunocleotidil Transferesa Terminal, which makes Sabiway an innovative and exclusive formula.

Sabiway is a shampoo without salt, without parabens, without side effects that when applied every morning on the scalp produces regenerative effects on the hair to stimulate growth, allowing those who have lost their hair to recover it. The percentage of recovery varies according to the age, the time it takes without hair and the change in eating habits (the diet goes in writing together with the products).