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Painted, cut, in coils and strappings sheet.

Galvanized material in continous line by hot dip (HDG) guaranteeing coatings, regular flower and passivation, with tension leveling. We guarantee coatings and tolerances are applied according to ASTM A653 (NTC 4011), ASTM A924 (NTC 3940) and ASTM A755 (NTC 3465) standards.

Commercial, structural and full hard steel material. Zinc coating: G30, G40, G60 and G90 for special orders. Pre-painted in RAL 9002 white, RAL 6005 green, RAL 3009 red and RAL 5010 blue for 30 and 35 gauges. Special colors and thicknesses are subject to volume. Coils maximum thickness of 1.45 for special orders. Skin Pass for special orders



Since 1961, CORPACERO is a pioneer in the manufacturing of metallic products for construction, infrastructure works and general industry. We promote the country's industrial development and our experience and quality are sufficient reasons so that the country´s great brands choose us and hand their projects to us.

Our production plant, located in Barranquilla, has a manufacturing capacity of 250,000 tons per year. Its proximity to the city port allows us to export products to Central American and surrounding countries.

Corpacero is committed to quality at all company levels and satisfaction of our customer needs. In order to comply with the established goals, we devote special attention to our collaborators´ skill development.