Our history
Colombian cosmetic laboratory, focused on the production and commercialization of hair dyes, hair care treatments, and other products for the body, hands, and feet-care.

Company’s Products

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Free-Way Hair Straightener Cream

Color-1 Extra Strong Hairspray

Color-1 Extrem Hairspray

iColor Cattle Leg Oil Hair Treatment

La Plancha-Color 1

iColor Silkworm Hair Treatment

iColor Sheep Placenta Hair Treatment

iColor Linseed Hair Treatment

iColor Duck Embryo Hair Treatment

iColor Silicone with Aloe Vera

Interbel Silicone

iColor Shining Silicone

Color-1 Silicone with Argan Oil

iColor Silicone with Bamboo Extract

Company’s Products

Free-Way Hair Straightener Cream