Butterfly earrings Image
 Butterfly earrings Image
 Butterfly earrings Image

Butterfly earrings

Paper folding
Hand painted
Sterling silver 950 settings
Ecological and cultural process
Created and designed in Colombia
  • Jewelry
  • Costume Jewelry

Plegados Tsuru


We are a company assigned to a practical application of the ancient art of Origami or Origami that consists of taking a piece of paper and giving life to make folds in it that not only have its shape but its essence, each of the pieces conveys its meaning and the legacy that has been built over time around the world in each fold.
PLEGADOS TSURU is born from the need to raise awareness in our society directed at the individual as a starting point capable of enhancing their talent and intelligence through the resources we find around us, a piece of paper, our hands and of course that infinite transforming power that resides in every human being, this in sum is all the raw material required to arrive at the elaboration of green works of art.