Kingdom Ring Image
Kingdom Ring Image

Kingdom Ring

Precolumbian inspired Kingdom Ring

Jewelry handmade in Colombia
24k Gold Plated Brass Ring.

One size fits all. Adjustable
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Flor Amazona is a jewelry house founded in Colombia by designer Ana Maria Sarmiento. Flor Amazona endeavors to create truly Latin Chic pieces that are bursting with colour and bold, unexpected patterns.
Flor Amazona aspires to create the dream of endless sunshine through sophisticated and exotic designs.
What we do:
We blend chic-contemporary aesthetics with traditional Colombian elements to bring you a sensually daring jewelry collection that takes you deep in to South American paradise.
Our pieces combine various elements such as semi-precious stones, glass beads, handwoven crafts and non-precious metals. They are high-quality, durable and timeless, targeted for the cosmopolitan woman that wants to be transported to paradise in a second.