Kunsumana Rounded Bracelet Image
Kunsumana Rounded Bracelet Image

Kunsumana Rounded Bracelet

This is an ideal accessory when going unnoticed is the last thing you want.
Inspired by the indigenous fabric of the Tayrona tribes.
The name Kunsumana means Woman's Thought.
This is a handmade bracelet which has been woven in
beads by Colombian Indigenous Communities and
Women Heads of Households. Represent over 20 hours of handwork.
Adorned with terminals and clasps in 950 Sterling
Technique sheet
  • Jewelry
  • Jewelry

Fashion Designer ML

ML Martha Lopera immortalizes Nature metallizing it, through a Handmade process that begins in the collection of the natural material until transforming it into unique pieces of jewelry, handmade by women heads of households and Master Craftsmen.
ML, Designs, produces and markets jewellery in 950 sterling silver with or without 24k gold coating, integrating the Colombian flora with the weaving of indigenous communities and natural gems; interpolating in some collections, natural materials such as leather, which allow the pieces to look unique. This is transformed into an original proposal that goes from the traditional to the contemporary, designed for men and women.
The work team is made up of women heads of households, artisan jewelers, and some indigenous communities.
It is located in the center of the city of Ibague, Tolima, 3 hours from Santafé de Bogotá, capital of Colombia.