Carriel Paisa Wayuu Image
Carriel Paisa Wayuu Image
Carriel Paisa Wayuu Image
Carriel Paisa Wayuu Image
Carriel Paisa Wayuu Image

Carriel Paisa Wayuu

In its name, two cultures and regions of Colombia. Its form comes from the Antioquia tradition, in colonial times, a totally exclusive garment of the Paisa regions. It was used for the survival of the muleteers, who kept their secrets there, due to the different services of the bag. Likewise, the combination with the Wayuu fabric, in its handle and front part of the bag, with its different meanings. 100% Leather bag combined with 100% Wayuu fabric.
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Company of ethnic and ancestral essence focused on making the Colombian cultural heritage visible through leather bags combined with indigenous fabrics from Colombia, Wayuu and Kamentsa backpacks and handmade jewelry with 100% natural seeds and organic materials such as orange peel and chub.

Each design brings a context and ancestral connection between nature, the essence of life, and today's woman in different roles, contexts and her environment; Likewise, it reflects the feminine empowerment, commitment, dedication, courage, encouragement and decision that Colombian women have towards her work, her community and her family, colloquially called "the berraquera of Colombian women."

In the same way, we are implementing masculine designs that rescue the vision of that man
sensitive Colombian, enterprising; also motivated by fashion and ethnic essence embodied in
the accessories of him.