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Cordelyne Americano

The foliage cultivated by Flor del Parque are of excellent quality for their colors, sizes and duration, perfect to accompany floral decorations in your home, office or events.
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  • Live flowers and plants
  • Foliage


Flor del Parque SAS is a company incorporated in Colombia since 2010 very close to the municipality of Chinchiná, Caldas, with a long history and knowledge in floriculture, which contributes to the social, environmental and economic development of the country.
We have several hectares of Heliconias and foliage planted strategically and in batches, a tropical climate, frequent rains and soils surrounded by mountains and coffee landscapes ideal for the production and commercialization of tropical flowers and high-quality foliage, guaranteeing high production volumes. all year round and durability.
We have a high level of satisfaction from our clients, these being our priority.