Important information regarding the contacts and business relationships that you make through the B2B MARKET PLACE, keep in mind that:

  1. PROCOLOMBIA accompanies companies with the purpose of facilitating business opportunities between exporters and buyers, without intervening in purchase and/or sale decisions, therefore, the contractual and legal responsibility of commercial negotiations falls directly on the companies that carried out the commercial transaction (exporter and buyer).
  2. Although PROCOLOMBIA carries out a preliminary investigation of the companies as part of its work methodology and commercial management, this process does not constitute any guarantee of compliance in the negotiations between the parties, for this reason it is recommended that both the exporter and the buyer carry out their own validations and protect their commercial operations with the mechanisms available in international trade regulations.
  3. The relationship between PROCOLOMBIA and the companies in Colombia and abroad, is generated through trust and the experience acquired from previous actions; however, such companies may present situations that could lead to possible breaches, without these being the responsibility of PROCOLOMBIA, which is why both exporters and buyers must ensure that they use secure negotiation tools, seek advice from experts to assess commercial risks and formalize the contractual documents that may be necessary to shield their conversations.
  4. ProColombia will in no case be responsible for the information of the companies and/or products available on this platform since it is filled out completely by each one of the companies.
Craspedia Image
Craspedia Image


Thin stem flower with 60cm to 70cm length.
Yellow head with 3 cm size.
  • Live flowers and plants
  • Fresh flowers

Flores de Altagracia

Located in the Rionegro valley near Medellin, Colombia, at an altitude of around 7200 feet above sea level and an average temperature of 64°F (18°C ), FLORES DE ALTAGRACIA is one of the largest Calla growers (Zantedeschia sp.) in Colombia with close to 16 acres. Our emphasis on quality has leaded us to become one of the most trusted names in the US and Europe and we have been recognized by FLORA HOLLAND®, as a Premium calla grower.

With more than 14 varieties, 9 colors in our portfolio and 18 years in the market, we strive to meet all our customers' needs and are delighted to have you interested in our products as well as our great service.