Freeze Dried Roses. Image
Freeze Dried Roses. Image
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Freeze Dried Roses.

Freeze-Dried Roses We select the best export-type flowers preserving all the oles, colors and always preserving nature in the city, their durability is a lifetime.

Amazonia Liofilizados

This company was born from the shortage of food in the world, we are dedicated to Freeze Drying Fruits, Vegetables or any type of food that the market demands, you will wonder What is Freeze Drying? It sounds strange from another planet but it is not, when astronauts go on a mission to space they carry this type of food, why? Don't they carry food the same as we do on earth? everything is in conservation, traditional foods have a useful life and for these extensive missions they could be damaged and left adrift. The process with freeze drying is to extend the shelf life of any type of food without adding preservatives or artificial preservatives that damage or change its original flavor, with this process food can have up to 5 years of life.