Bebedero Universal Avicorvi

Universal trough Avicorvi

It is a trough of a very advanced design. The plate or bowl only have 20cms. in diameter yet simultaneously it serves nine adult birds. For every space available in any trough, 10 birds are treated in the day. It has capacity to serve 60-80 adult birds every day. It has a down to rest on the platter during the first 10 days old, the chicks that way or drown or get wet moving grate.It takes up less space in the house providing greater scope for the birds. It requires no auxiliary waterers for initiation. Fresh water thanks to continuous and increased circulation of water in the bowl. Required less time and less water for cleaning each drinker. It is a very stable drinking and his plate is not inclined to avoid wasting water. Included Accessories 3m black hose 3/16 \" 4 meters cord no. 1 1 single nylon filter. 1 grader height.
HS code
  • Livestock
  • Live Animals (poultry)
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