Screw Press for CPO Image
Screw Press for CPO Image
Screw Press for CPO Image
Screw Press for CPO Image

Screw Press for CPO

Double screw press for CPO extraction with a system of hexagonal augers that offer better operating time and resistance. INAL's CPO screw presses are offered in different capacities from 10 tonnes/hour of fresh fruit to 21 tonnes/hour.
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INDUSTRIAS ACUÑA LTDA- INAL is a Colombian metalworking company with more than 35 years of institutional life, focused on the generation of comprehensive and innovative engineering solutions for different industrial sectors.

INAL is a company with innovative experience that offers a diverse portfolio of products, services and technologies related with the design, manufacture and assembly of industrial machinery, processing plants, as well as the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment.

We provide solutions to the agribusiness, palm oil, oil & gas, R&D, and industrial chemistry sector.

We have clients nationwide in 4 areas of the country, and a growing number of international clients in countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Ecuador, countries to which we export.