Sistemas para Tratamiento, Transporte y Distribución de Gas Natural

Treatment, transport and distribution of Natural Gas Systems

INDISA S.A. is provided with a specialists team in charge of design, assembly, tests and starting for the treatment, transport and distribution of the natural gas systems.
• City Gates
• Regulation and measurement of high, average and low pressure (district, industrialists, for plants of generation of energy, among others) stations.
• Decompression of GNC stations
• Re-gasification of GNL stations
• Special Skids (measurement, filtration, warming, scrapers pitfalls, among others).
• Natural gas networks
• Engineering and consultancy specializing in the sector
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Ingenieros Diseñadores Asociados S.A. INDISA

INDISA S.A. Design, consultancy , monitoring, engineering for transportation of plants, Project Management , Failure Analysis , etc.