Our history
M Ä H A & M O R E N A is a Colombian jewelry brand designed and handcrafted by Maestros Artesanos. All our pieces tell their own story, they are influenced by the balance of nature and the artistic imprint of various cultures around the world. Through a timeless approach M Ä H A & M O R E N A fuses conscious craftsmanship with essential luxury, obtaining pieces with a unique quality and an exquisite bohemian touch.

The essence of M Ä H A & M O R E N A corresponds to an intuitive, motivated and sensitive woman. With a free, pure and curious soul, a travel lover and a collector of relics. A woman whose soul connects with the universe.

M Ä H A & M O R E N A operates within an ethical production concept that allows not only the best working conditions for its artisans, but also exclusive attention to detail and design.

Company’s Products

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Company’s Products