Maria Cristina Palacio SAS

Our history
We are a 100% Colombian enterprise born 5 years ago.

PARAGRAF our brand of feminine out wear and pijamas identify the design of sustainable clothes over time, it means, timeless and basic clothes full with details that offer and authentic and free lifestyle, of women empowered by their decisions and their lives. That is why we work with mothers who are heads of families.

Present day and night, we have three producto lineas:
-More than a meaning: Casual and Street Style.
-Stay Comfy: Stay and Work home.
-Dreams: Pajamas to dream.

The versatility and usability of our products and the number of scenarios where the clothes can be used give the possibility to each woman to build the scenarios where she can use the them.
We are the reflection of what it is to look good and feel better

Company’s Products

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Company’s Products