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Aseptigel Hand Gel Sanitizzer

Aseptigel is a hand gel sanitizer of immediate antibacterial action that eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi present on the skin. Its action is fast and its persistent effect is fixed
easily on skin, drying in seconds. It does not require rinsing. Aseptigel contains ethyl alcohol 70% (v / v), moisturizers and emollients such as glycerin that hydrates and does not irritate the skin.
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Proasepsis SAS is a Company with 34 years experience in the healthcare, consumption and big surfaces markets, focused in offering solutions for infection control integral patient care, making permanent developments to integrate families together with institutional and industrial areas by high technology products.

At Proasepsis SAS we manufacture microbicidal chemical solutions and products for sterilization of medical-surgical instruments meeting the highest quality requirements. We also import medical - surgical devices.

Our facilities are certified by INVIMA in Good Manufacturing Practices GMP, Good Laboratory Practices GLP , Manufacturing Capability Certification for producing medical devices, and for cleaning and tidiness product ranges; Likewise, since 2006 we at PROASEPSIS are certified under ISO 9001:2015 and since 2020 has also been certified on ISO 13485.