Biosafety Cabinet Class 2 Type A2 / B2 Image

Biosafety Cabinet Class 2 Type A2 / B2

BIOSAFETY CABINET. Brand: C4. Design, manufacture and validation according to NSF-49 recommendations. Total protection to the user by negative pressure barrier, to the product by vertical laminar flow Class 100 and to the environment by HEPA filtration before exhaust. Removable work tray in stainless steel, exterior in steel sheet, electrostatic epoxy coating. Easy cleaning and disinfection of the equipment. Window in safety glass folding type. Two (2) HEPA filters with aluminum frame, 99.99% efficiency on 0.3 μm particles measured with DOP and factory checked, leak tested by established protocol. The cabin contains an air diffuser for flow uniformity. Fluorescent interior light. Centrifugal motor and blower with anti-vibration and ultra-silent system. Analog filter pressure indicator. Option to build it Type A2, B2 or Class 3.
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We manufacture equipments and systems for contamination control since 1984. Our portfolio contains Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow, Biosafety Cabinets, Safety Storage, Air Handling Units and Scrubbers. Our main markets are: Lab & Research, Health, Industry and Forensic.