Support Cephalomedullary Nail Image
Support Cephalomedullary Nail Image
Support Cephalomedullary Nail Image
Support Cephalomedullary Nail Image
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Support Cephalomedullary Nail

• Cervico-diaphyseal angles of 125 degrees and 130 degrees that provide a variety of anatomical options.
• Long nails with a radius of curvature of 1.5m to coincide with the femoral anatomy.
• Nails with proximal diameter of 15.9 mm and cephalic screw of 11 mm that provide resistance while retaining the bone
• Proximal lateral angulation of 4 degrees to facilitate entry through the major trochanter.
• The design of the system coincides with the natural anatomy facilitating the insertion and minimizing the risk of damage to the intramedullary canal.
• 10 degrees of proximal anteversion incorporated in the construction of the long nails.
• The nail support combines the principles of a dynamic and hip compression screw with the biomechanical advantages of an intramedullary nail.
• Cephalic screw with unique thread design that increases the resistance to displacement and cutout.
• Possibility of compressing the fracture up to 10 mm intraoperatively.
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