Charcoal briquettes Image

Charcoal briquettes

Briquettes are completely natural, made with a selection of the best vegetable coal in the market, they are stacked with vegetable yucca starch, all the products employed in the production are fully organic. The briquettes burn for 2 hours approx., they weight 40gr (1.4 oz), came in diamond shape approx. 4x4 cm (1.6x1.6 inches) and are black.

Forestales San Felipe Zomac SAS

We want to create an unmatchable experience at BBQ ́s making, with organic products that give your food a delicious flavor and make possible a perfect cooking. We use the best woods in Colombia for the making of our products. Our customers are very important for us, that ́s why we guarantee our delivery times and the superior quality of all the products. The presentation and package can be designed for specific needs, the delivery times and location can be arranged to ensure the costumer gets what he is looking for.