Cassava starch bags Image
Cassava starch bags Image
Cassava starch bags Image
Cassava starch bags Image
Cassava starch bags Image

Cassava starch bags

Ideal for all types of commerce, for e-commerce shipments and for the fashion sector.

Our bags are 100% biodegradable, do not contain petroleum derivatives and are made from cassava starch and vegetable oils, they are reintegrated into the life cycle of the earth in just 180 days and are diluted in hot water at 80 ° C. They are not toxic.

In addition, we want to tell you that 90% of the workforce belongs to the Canoas reservation in the north of Cauca. Proudly Colombian product full of human talent. With your purchase you are contributing to the support of several families in indigenous communities.
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We are a company with a family sense, deeply human that works to provide and share ecological solutions to a family and / or business environment.

We gather and articulate actors in ecological solutions of the Colombian industry, commercializing environmentally friendly goods and services such as biodegradable and compostable bags and packaging made from cassava starch, corn starch and sugar cane bagasse,

In our line of reusable "zero waste" items, we have ecological jute bags to avoid single-use plastic bags, cotton cloth bags for bulk purchases, mesh bags for fruits and vegetables. ecowraps and digital business cards,

Our passion motivates us to create wellness relationships with our clients, knowing their specific needs. For this purpose, we offer support in the transition towards sustainable development through advice on Responsible Consumption and Circular Economy.