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Folding boxes Image
Folding boxes Image

Folding boxes

Folding boxes have great advantages such as their low cost and ease of storage, since they can be folded according to your packaging needs, to finally place a print that has a great appearance on the shelf.

The folding boxes can be used as primary or secondary packaging for your products.

Materials: 14 gauge to 18 gauge cartons.

Printing: Printed material from one ink to the amount of panton that the client needs

Gluing: Linear closing / Automatic closing

Finishes: Laminated / Embossed / UV Reserve / Hot stamping / Varnish / Metallic laminated
  • Packaging
  • Paper and Cardboard Packaging

ideartes impresores s.a.s.

We are a company dedicated to the printing and conversion of primary and secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic line. We are certified under ISO 9001: 2015, we also have a plant in a white area designed under the ISO 14644-1 standard to have a high microbiological control for packaging. The products we handle are aluminum foil for pharmaceutical blister, sachets for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, yogurt and gelatin lids, folding boxes, flexible food packaging, inserts, labels, etc.