Industrial white Straw
Industrial white Straw
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White Biodegradable Straws for Industrial use

Since the last 4 years we have focused our product portfolio on two types of environmentally friendly technologies: oxo-biodegradable straws (biodegrade in 36 months when in contact with oxygen from the environment and sunlight (U.V.) and PLA (poly lactic acid) straws, based on corn starch, commonly known as bioplastics.

The company has led a process of raising awareness at national and international level of the use of biodegradable straws, due to strong worldwide campaigns. It has also led campaigns aimed at the correct disposal of solid waste, taking into account that Colombia is a leader in Latin America in the regulation of Extended Producer Responsibility and Circular Economy.
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Industrial white Straw



With more than 30 years of experience, PROMOCIONES FANTASTICAS is a Colombian company leader in the manufacture of biodegradable plastic straws for the industrial and institutional sectors.