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A unique oral dosage form that allows having tablets, capsules, granules or pellets into one single soft capsule.
Is the only patented technology available for fixed dose combinations which incorporates the benefit of the soft gelatin capsule dosage form.
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  • Pharmaceuticals
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Leading provider of Contract Development and Manufacturing services in softgel advanced technologies for the global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Through our extensive capabilities and deep expertise in product development and softgel manufacturing, we help different companies bring innovative products to their markets faster, offering their patients and consumers an exceptional experience, high preference and superior adherence to different therapies. Our advanced delivery technologies, including Softgel and related technologies, our proven formulation, manufacturing and regulatory expertise, has enabled us to become an integrated CDMO (iCDMO), giving customers full-service, turnkey solutions in prescription drugs, OTC and dietary supplements across both development and delivery. https://www.softigel.com